Friday, May 20, 2011

Richmond Beach ~ Friday

 We really lucked out this week, getting a low tide beach day one of the warmest day of the year so far! The kids and I enjoyed a bit of peaceful time on the beach before a pretty healthy crowd of fellow beach/sun seekers joined us. 
The low tide was later today than Tuesday so the beach experience was completely new and different for Teacher Erin and Q. The kids had a great time building with sand, and were so interested in searching for small crab under rocks. 
We'd find tiny little ones, bigger ones, all variety of colors, and they were all as exciting as the last one. 
We learned to be gentle with them, making sure to place them back in their homes and put their "roof" back on top where it had been. 
This rock crab molt gave us lots to chat about
There was also much discussion of gender since Q insisted on identifying each one. Later while snacking we read together and again enjoyed the day to it's fullest!

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