Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Butterfly Week ~Tuesday

 This week I brought in a group of 5 painted lady caterpillars (from an Insect lore kit). The kids got the chance to see this stage of the butterfly life cycle before we read about them in our butterfly books this week. 
Then we flew on over to the rocky creek and played over there for a bit.
The butterflies turned into giraffes at some point:
After the butterfly kids flew back to shelter, we worked on some butterfly paintings. 
I told the kids we were going to use "ketchup" and "mustard", which they all believed until they got started on their work and realized I was teasing! 
These $ store bottles worked well though as squirt bottles for paint, so I'm sure we'll be doing more condiment painting in future FH classes. Their paintings turned out beautifully! 

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