Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coniferous Trees

We started class with an intro to the topic, coniferous trees and some storytelling of the tale of how hemlock got it's small cones, and the mission to find cones of all kinds during our time today.
Then the kids dove right into some rowdy hill sliding! 
The kids found this spot and in their padded cozy gear slid down it with gusto over and over. They were so happy being one with the dirt it was hard to stop them, but of course more was to be learned so we moved on up the hill. After another oral tale of the mouse in the fir cone (a repeat reminder from the fall session), we settled down under nature's umbrella tree (western red cedar) for snack and another story. 
Then they were off again this time on an adventure in this ship/boat:
 There was driving of their craft, storytelling about where they were going and what they were doing, and some cooking of nutritious maple leaf pancakes, salal leaf cakes, and madron leaf cakes etc.
"Your order is ready!"
There was some sleeping in the tree as well, a lot of hard work all this play.
Then we had to get off our ship and head to our umbrella again, where the kids worked hard altogether gathering food supplies again, some braken fern noodles,
many fish caught on handy branch fishing poles,
and an entire stockpile of cones! 
though really A was gathering these for his mom, fyi
It was hard to leave our feast behind, but somehow we managed for the siren call of the hot chocolate was strong!

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