Friday, March 18, 2011

Boeing Creek in Winter

We had a fun trip to Boeing Creek this week. Due to illness in our family we had to reschedule class and doing that allowed us to invite a few older boys (it was a Shoreline Schools in service day). It was a great chance for Teacher Erin to practice having a larger group of mixed ages (as summer camp will be).
We set off pretty quickly for Hidden Lake along the creek trail. The kids had fun exploring the creek on the way there, imagining salmon swimming along (somewhat sadly, cause there certainly aren't), and keeping an eye and ear out for different birds we were looking to spot for our NW bird scavenger hunt. So, at the lake Alexander was quick to spot the mallards:
We also saw what I think were bufflehead ducks in the distance, and many other common local birds. We enjoyed our snacks and book time here by the lake.
But of course just being near mud and water made these boys happy.
J said, he could stay right there in the mud all day:
Exploring the banks:
Watching leaves and stick flow over the waterfall:
Cruising across fallen trees to get to another side of the creek:
Doing an excellent job of counting small mushrooms on the log, he got to 19!
Playing "Indiana Jones" on the sandy banks of the creek:
There was some serious laughter going on there, from these two boys in particular:
On our walk back up the hill, they all gave this behemoth Douglas fir a big Froggy Holler hug!
It's certainly fun to check out the same park at different seasons, so we'll be back here in spring as well!

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