Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NW Winter Birds

We got to use a special birding kit from the Seattle Audubon Society today to enrich our topic on Northwest native winter birds. It was filled with interesting things like nests,
images of birds and their habitats, bird books, and even birds! We got to look closely at 4 different preserved birds, the European Starling,
the American Robin, the Northern Flicker,
and a tiny pine siskin.
We then set off into the woods a bit with our binoculars on hand to keep our eye out for some feathered friends. It turned out to be a better day for puddle stomping however with some pretty steady rain coming down. So we investigated and played in the water,
dug and poked with sticks,
and Miss. I had fun leading A over and around the stream over and over, giving him tips all the while, until he was all tired out.
Then at the end of the session she led us back to the shelter with "O's" that everyone later joined her in making. 
We'll look forward to more bird searching later this winter and spring!

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