Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Twin Ponds Field Trip

It was a bright, sunny winter day, ideal for a FH filed trip! We went to Twin Ponds today and had a great time exploring. After a good test of the playground eqipment, rain pants + slides = heaps of fun! We went over to the ponds to check out the scene:
While snacking we enjoyed watching mallards, cormorants, and other local birds who visit this spot.
 As we continued on around the ponds we stopped to explore the banks frequently, and to fish too of course.
And to stop for a rest:
Then we were off again, this time it was to, "Come on guys, hup 2, 3, 4!"
Then, after our fun trip some kiddos were so tired out they had to nap in the swings:
Silly kids!

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