Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Under a Log/Bugs! ~ Tuesday

This week our theme was "Under a Log/Bugs". In true fashion to what FH is all about I'm not so inclined to push the themes I have composed for this class, so, this week I did chat with the kids about bugs, decomposing logs, pill bugs vs sow bugs, but there was also a good share of so much more.
We had this smug slug attempt to join us on E's backpack! We'd just read Some Smug Slug, so it seemed fitting...
We had snack and did some fort play in a whole new fort we found, 
and log climbing and bouncing,
E found this mushroom he wanted us to all check out:
there was lots of imaginative play and friend time, 
"Super I" can make a scary face!
 "Super I" can make the log bounce too!
Choo, choo! The Froggy Holler Express is coming down the track!
These two were friends when they were only weeks old, it's sweet to see them together again now.
There was lots of discovering and tasting the fruits of the season: huckleberries, Oregon grapes (ooo sour!), 
and of course blackberries in "blackberry meadow"! 
"Super I" to the rescue when someone called for "help" in blackberry meadow!
It was another fun day at Froggy School!

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