Friday, September 17, 2010

The First Day of Class, Thursday Froglets

We really hopped right into it at the Thursday class this first week. With just 2 kids today (1 absent) we were pretty productive in our travels around the woods today. 
We headed straight up and down hills, stopped and listened for birds and squirrels, made loud noises just like these creatures, had a snack on a log and made frog faces:
We noticed all sorts of tiny items today, beetles, sow bugs, tiny holes in the ground:
There was some demonstrating of the raw power of a 4 year old:
"I'm really strong, I can lift a big stick!"
As well as some cedar loving,
We hiked all around the park, checked out the big fort, talked about ferns, woodpecker trees, shelf fungus, and more. We stopped for a break at blackberry meadow and read "A Frog on a Log", then did a little reading of our own:
Yep J I'm pretty sure you're "reading" that right, it must be a story about a bear (certainly not just a boring adult page about local parks etc.)!
And we did some drawing and writing in our new journals. A did a neat kite drawing I didn't catch a photo of, and J tried his hand at a frog after my demonstration:
While picking and tasting berries we stopped to take a good look a number of spiders:
Then back on the trail heading back to the shelter, we had a quick top at this fallen tree to investigate the roots:
After one last story and our closing songs, it was the end of our first fun day at Froggy Holler!

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