Thursday, September 23, 2010

Under a Log/Bug Day ~ Thursday

We really got into this week's theme in class this Thursday. We turned many a log finding beetles, centipedes, ants, pill bugs and sow bugs, and so much more! Here's the group taking turns holding a pill bug we found:
Then we stopped and read a pill bug story: Mimi!
It was a rainy day at Froggy School, but there are plenty of dry places in Hamlin, so we stopped for snack in a new fort:
Then we were off, and pointing out fungus along the way:
And watching slugs devour a mushroom:
J gave the big guy a pet after I snapped this and we all watched it curl up tight.
We slid on "sliding rock"!
And collected pellets to keep them from birds and animals in the woods while playing at the big fort!
We also read a few other books, lots of poems, and did some great journal writing and drawing today as well!

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