Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beach Day ~ Tuesday Froglets

It might not have looked like the perfect day for beachy fun to you, but for FH kids it sure was! 
We checked out the train tracks on the walk to the beach:
ooo, note how A was all set in his FH uniform today! 
We heard the sound of the waves as we approached:
 And we got right to it, playing dodge the big waves, and feeling the cold Salish Sea!
While I made a castle nearby!
Boots were soon off and discoveries and play was under way:
We are magnetically attracted to forts it seems, and so of course there was a lot of play at this castle/pirate ship today:
After I.B. found this Dungeness crab molt, pretended to eat it; and got to hear Teacher Erin go and on about this little guys' features: his gills, his male identifying "rocket", and how he molts like a snake or a tarantula; the castle became "Crabby Castle". 
Which is also sometimes a pirate ship where the crew calls out, "Ahoy Captain!" (to me, I got to be captain!):
And this crew was well fed let me tell you, Cook Ian made lobster stew, and Cook E had a machine gun that fired food right into your mouth! 
 Guess the crew was ready for a real snack!
Fortuitously, as we were eating a birder happened by, and I asked him if he could tell us what we might have seen earlier when a flock of ducks came by.

Q was able to recount the characteristics of the birds well enough for him to guess they were likely red breasted mergansers. He also set up his powerful telescope and let the kids look through it to check out a female surf scoter. He had some great ideas for me as well. Now we are ready for bird week next week, back in the woods!

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog Erin. Thanks for sharing all these cute pics and comments with us parents. Don't know where you find the time!