Friday, September 17, 2010

The First Day of Class, Tuesday Froglets

We hopped right into action on our first day of class! After singing a few welcome songs on the lily pad at the home base shelter we were off. Up and down the hills of Hamlin:
We stopped a the empty stream bed for a snack, and to chat about deciduous vs. coniferous trees., and so much more. Then we were back at it. Exploring holes, identifying shelf fungus (no, they're not melted marshmallows! ;)), and noticing all sorts of noises and plants around us.
The kids especially enjoyed our time at the big fort today. They played in it, added more sticks to it, practiced whacking and throwing sticks around it:
checked out the cedar tree, and perhaps learned a little more about cedar in the process.
There was also a great deal of balancing on this recently fallen tree nearby:
They encouraged each other to get back up after falling, studied it with a magnifying glass, and felt it's cedarness beneath them.
 All around this spot were tons of tiny pellets, which we collected to keep from being dangerous to bird and animal life in the park.
We also noticed tiny items today, from under log insects to tiny mushrooms:
We sang our silly frog song, wrote and drew about our day in our journals and sang our goodbye song. It was a full and fun first day! I look forward to the next 9 weeks, and I know the kids will be learning so much this fall, as will I!

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