Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Week!

 This week we talked about winter! It was clear and crisp each day with lots of frost for us to look at, "hoar frost" is particularly interesting to pick up and look at, with those long crystals of icy fingers, and beautiful patterns on the leaves and such. Each class had a fun time running around to keep warm, and throwing some dance parties in too!
Tuesday Froglets:
These kiddos were really into climbing, exploring ice crystals, and jumping into the "pit" today! They also did some really great math during our snack with "power beads" we had collected. 
FYI "power beads" are airsoft pellets (I don't tell the kids this) and the kids and I collect them because a)they don't decompose quickly b)they can't be good for our park environment or animals and c) they give the kids "power" to climb big hills, defend themselves in battles, and be the best frogs they can be! This week we put them in my "power pouch", and by Thursday we had over 80!
 Tuesday Frogs:
The Frogs were excellent scientists today studying that wild orange fungus (it was frozen!) called "witches butter", and a very decomposed little bird which (we touched it with a stick so don't worry, and it had the sweetest little bones:
 Wednesday  Froglets
Since our fabulous hat creator, Katharine is a mom to 2 students in our Wednesday class we took some frog hat pictures for her!
Thanks again Katharine for all of your hard work, we are so hoppy with our new hats!!!
Action this week with these froglets included: riding on a "fire truck", jumping off to spray the fire (aka me! ;)) and balancing on logs (even with a sweet pal's help), identifying lichens and ferns and making "soup", running across the riverbed where crocodiles swim eeek!, collecting all sorts of treasures, and dancing! It was a busy day!
Thursday Tadpoles:
These little guys are learning to power up hills, take turns with Strawberry the frog, climb over slippery surfaces, jump like frogs, build forts, fairy houses, and campfires, and be careful with sticks!
They are a very sweet group!
Have you noticed how many girls are in FH?! I'm excited about this and think it's wonderful! Here is one of my favorite pics of the week,
She's on her bark phone telling her best friend all about what she's doing in the woods!

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Vinajoy said...

Hello! Is it possible to register for the Tuesday Pre-K outdoor class? I just found out about your program and would like to enroll my 4-year old.

Thank you!
Vina Barham