Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Whole New Season!

Froggy Holler Winter session started off exciting this week! With RAIN, SNOW, and new students it was a lot of fun! Here is a bit of the action, though it is a challenge to teach and photograph in the rain...
 Tuesday Froglets:
These kiddos were so happy to get their new handmade frog hats and show them off! Every group learned about the seasons of the year this week, and listened to seasons stories. It was great to be in the rain with these fun froglets again!
Tuesday Frogs: 
Fortunately for the heaviest rain of the week we had the eldest and most rain comfortable group, the K Frogs! These kiddos went for it and hammed it up in their new frog hats!
Wednesday Froglets:
The Wednesday class got to discover an entirely new feature in Hamlin this week, water in fairy valley! It made for all new playing areas to explore, fun! There are a lot of new to FH faces in this group too, and they wanted to ham it up for me, so here are their silly face pictures!
Thursday Tadpoles:
There were lots of new kiddos joining us on Thursday as well, what fun to meet new friends in a whole new place, and play outside! They had fun dancing to froggy music, playing in the fairy valley water, making fairy homes, and sliding down sliding rock!
I'm so glad to have started a new term with another wonderful group of kiddos and families! This week I think we were all reminded of the importance of dressing warmly in waterproof clothing for FH, please let me know if you need help with this. The forecast calls for sunny, COLD conditions next week.
Also this Sunday, January 13th we will have our first FH Family Club gathering at Hamlin from ~2-4 (truthfully I'll be there after the Seahawks game). We would love for you to join us! Thanks!

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