Friday, August 3, 2012

Preschool Summer Camp 2012!

We had a really fun time at Summer Camp this week! Our days were filled with singing, stories, lots of fairy play, fort building, snacks in the woods, running through trails, being silly, balancing on logs, making crafts, and really having fun together! For a number of the kids in this camp it was their very first camp experience, and they were so brave, learned so much, and by Friday really showed how to do the whole camp thing quite well. Here are some collages of each day:
Monday, Frog Day:
Tuesday, Tree Day:
Wednesday, Bird Day:
Thursday, Flower Fairy Day:
Friday, Woodland Friends Day:
As you can tell there was lots of action in the woods, and really it was a lovely week! I am so thankful for Taylor for being there to assist me, and have fun with the kids. I know he and I really enjoyed their fun energy, and sweet personalities!


Shaina said...

Thanks again Erin, although he may not have always been so happy to start the day Emmett loved Froggy Holler!

StevenB said...

Thanks Erin! Jelly Bean Loved Froggy Holler in Hamlin with you and Taylor.

Great Pictures of all the Kid's and fun captions.
See you at the next one.