Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boeing Creek for Tues Pre

We've been coming to the creek for each season of class this year, but with some new classmates visiting for the first time this spring, and all sorts of new discoveries to make there, it was like a brand new place!
 As seen above: bird watching (mostly Mallard ducks and violet green swallows) hugging the Grandfather Fir, exploring creek waters, playing with the soft muddy sand, balancing across the creek, and wearing sticky weed crowns!
While at the park we also worked on our ABC book a little more:
Binoculars, a heart rock, a big leaf maple, salmon berries (which they also enjoyed sampling today telling me, "No they are not too sour for me!"), and thimble berries. 
What a great time we had at the creek!

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