Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pirate Camp!

It was an absolutely swashbuckling fun time at FH Pirate Camp this year! Captain Erin and First Mate Michael were busy as ever training pirates, and we had a perfect beach week! Pirates like heat waves! Here was our week in photos:
Monday, we did the Pirate Training Obstacle Course:
The kids learned the ropes as they used their new wooden (hand made by Mr. Zackey ;)) swords to "defend their ship", there was also "boarding enemy ships", "swimming through sharks", "counting their booty", "cannon attacks", and more! 
We also took these group shots:
It was a fun day to kick off the week!
Tuesday we saw some amazing sea life at the low tide in the froggy weather, did some pirate face painting, made our own pirate flags, and some of us may just have ended up going to the grocery store just a tad filthier than normal (and I forgot my good camera...;)).

 Wednesday we played a lot on the beach, writing x's in the sand,studying sea life, and playing with our new pirate flags:
The treasure of the day was materials to make our own pirate hooks, which we made and played with by the captain fort:
Thursday our treasure was found in the sand, and it was an experiment with plaster! The kids had fun creating their plaster hand prints, but unfortunately Teacher Erin learned a little too late about how to use the material correctly...ooops. The kids did an amazing job building dams on the beach together, and having a great time at the Captain's fort again, so it was all fine in the end!
Friday was the big day! After a week of practicing with finding the craft project treasure of the day, and a piece of the bigger map, they put all the map together and found the real x!
The pirate kids then did a great job of making sure each everyone got a turn to dig the rocky sand, and finally they revealed the real deal! They were excited to share the booty!
  They also got to paint their own little treasure box while Michael read pirate books, and we shared pirate snacks (thanks August!). At the end of the session we did a sword cheer one last time, I gave out "pirate training certificates" and "gold!" and the pirates went home happy! It was such a fun week and this Captain was thrilled!
*If your child attended pirate camp and you would like any of the above photos individually just email me! *

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