Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fairy Camp at Kruckeberg!

We had a delightful week at Fairy Camp at Kruckeberg Botanic Garden this summer! This group of very sweet kiddos was so fun to craft and play with. Here are some photos of all the fun we had each day:
Monday we really got a fantastic start to our gardens! (and I forgot the good camera! ;)):
and a great start to our fairy village:
Tuesday we worked more on our fairy gardens, and began making fairy dolls before we headed down the trail modelling our fairy wings and using our more decorated collection bags to gather sweet items for the village:
After story, songs, snack etc. we worked hard on our village today:
Wednesday we continued with our gardens, and worked more on our village between lots of play, singing, stories, flower press making, and so on:
We also discovered the perfect jumping log to test our flying skills!
Thursday we counted tree rings, made more fairy people, explored with magnifying glasses,
 made fairy bubble wands, and practiced our log flying some more:
 Friday was an absolutely FUN filled day at the garden! It started off with 2 fairies bringing their pet goats:
After a little water coloring of our last fairy people (babies), we went down pretty quickly into the garden to do our story time and so on, so we could could have extra time to work on our village! 
We painted little signs so visitors (and there were  A LOT!) would know the names of our creations:
Toward the end of our time together we were joined by parents and families to see our work and celebrate with us!
We sang "If You're a Fairy and You Know It" one last time with real props (kids made up the lyrics). The fairies got their last special beads, and a fairy dust necklace to take home!
It really was a LOVELY week, thanks to all of your for being a part of it!

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