Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Froggy Holler was Named

"Froggy Holler" is a curious name for a preschool I know so I suppose I ought to explain...;) 

There are a few reasons, first off, my mother in law Patti was a high school science and math teacher, and one warm school day her class was dissecting frogs. Well the class window (on the second story) was open that warm day and a student was working on his frog when his dissecting tool slipped and swoosh, before he knew it the frog flew right out the window! Well, unbenounced to the class the principal and other staff were walking right below and saw the flying frog in shock! Patti never lived it down, but she did play it up! From then on being the artist she is she drew flying frogs on the students assignments. So, when I had a classroom of my own I thought it would be fun to be the "frog teacher". I quite quickly had all sorts of stuffed frogs, frog fabric decor etc. and of course I had Patti draw me all sorts of frog posters for my classroom. 
 the school counselor in my 3rd grade room, 
check out all those posters in the background!
When I became a Mom to my son Quin I loved being home with him, and couldn't imagine being back in the classroom anytime soon. Eventually, I began to have dreams of starting my own little school (that Quin could be at) and thought that since I was the frog teacher after all I'd like my little school to have a froggy title. When I was younger I had a best friend that lived in an area on Vashon her dad named "Froggy Holler" (you can visit, it's near Camp Sealth) and I thought that sounded cute and fun! So, after I began hearing more about outdoor schools in our area in 2010, I decided to create "Froggy Holler" through the Shoreline Parks Department! The silly thing is there aren't really real frogs in Hamlin Park. ;) But the best thing about our name is when I get to shout, "Froggy" and the students all exclaim, "Holler" back at me! And that's the story!

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