Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Owls, Tues Pre

This group has had the special treat of getting to see the barred owl of Hamlin Park up close and personal, remember in the fall:
So, learning more about owls, acting as an owl family, and keeping a hopeful eye out for our pal was all easy enough for us to do this morning! 
We started off our morn making some owl puppets and learning a bit about the food chain of an owl:
Then it was on to Froggy Creek, where we all played the parts of a happy little owl family. An owl family that hunts for A LOT of fish that is, you know like hundreds of fish, that we cook over a little fire pit. We even called out, "Whoooo whooo!" to all the owls of the woods so they can come to our big fish eating party. If you don't watch out some fish might even end up in the trees at this wild sort of party! (These kids are TOO funny! ;))
Next it was time to fly off to "Owl Valley" where long ago I had seen our owl friend. 
There was no sign of her today, but we did pass by many small singing birds in the "swamp" and enjoyed reading a good owl story while snacking. This story helped us learn what owls do and don't eat, which we charted while reading. Of course, there was plenty more time flying around as owls, and exploring all around this big habitat of ours today.
Owl day was a hoot for me, and a fun one for all of us!

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