Thursday, March 1, 2012

Owls, Thurs Pre

On owl day we were busy owlets! First off we had to check out Froggy Creek to see how the rain/snow had impacted the area. Sure enough the little creek was running, and a great spot for these little owls to fish, and explore the waters.
 Then it was off into the mud for us.
 It was such lovely, oooey, gooey mud!
 While in the "swamp" we saw a little hummingbird, we may not have seen an owl on owl day, but we were happy to see a sweet hummingbird! 
From the mud we went to "owl valley" where we snacked, read an owl story while charting the animals owls do and don't eat. This was a good chance for the kids to practice letter sounds as they helped me spell out the words we wrote on our chart. Then we were off again, charging right up the big stairs, up and down hills, and onto balancing log,
 Miss. J was showing off her ballet moves on the log.
We found this florescent fungus at the end of the log:
 Then we had a blast on speedy hill, running down, rolling down, and pretty much giggling our faces off the whole time!

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