Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hibernation Week, K

This week we started off with some properties of water exploration, yep the snow is still here!
We talked about where this water ends up and worked together to carve out a big chunk to load up on the drain, for a car to run over (guess who later did on her way out of the parking lot? ;)).  Then we went into a discussion and play time with wood chips!
Right after this a guy pulled up with his truck and loaded up, which we had to see for a minute of course. There was so much action at the park today!
We are really into the superhero play with this group right now, and here you see, "Blue Storm"
perhaps we should have suggested he be "Red Storm" for the day
There was lots of dramatic collapsing and such, which is pretty funny to witness. Oh and I can sometimes be talked into being a ghost or zombie in the woods, which I imagine is pretty funny for passers by since I'm frequently running into force fields and making goofball faces or falling down. These kids are so imaginative!
Thursday we were in the Froggy Creek neighborhood. It was so warm out the kids wanted paper and pencils to draw with (no chilly fingers today!) and there was lots of running around playing "Hibernation Tag" (aka freeze tag variation) in the sun.
 There was lots of fishing happening in the Froggy Creek as well. At one point this team really wanted to whack at some invasive English Ivy (which I allowed given it's absolutely invasive and in a mass right here):
 Meanwhile these 2 were next door catching large fish to cook up on our "camp fire" and fed to Hello Kitty and her pal:
 It was pretty sweet. 
Oh and we talked and read about Hibernation this week also. ;)

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