Thursday, February 9, 2012

Using our Senses at the Pond, FH Thurs

 We had a FUN time at FH at Twin Ponds Park today! We really loved playing on the playground with our rain gear, especially zipping fast down the slides and chasing after Teacher Erin. 
We had fun exploring this new terrain, marching across bridges, and watching the rain on the pond.
We found the perfect tree sheltered area by the pond to learn more about mallards (or perhaps for them to learn about us...)
It was a great spot to snack, read together, learn about the senses,
 and chart which senses we used here at the pond. 
We also had a wonderful time playing, "Froggy!" "Holler!" the game the kids made up where they run off a bit, and when I shout "Froggy!" they turn back and say, "Holler!" and run at me as fast as they can! Having 4 sweet kiddos running at you smiling is a pretty wonderful way to spend the morning in my opinion. :)
We explored all around the pond today, 
and came back to the playground still full of happy energy, what a wonderful monring!

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