Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday Froglets, Week 7. Art in the woods

Our froggies began their class by looking at the work of nature artist, Andy Goldsworthy.  His creations are amazing!  Can we try some of it?
We tried making a serpentine shape in the ground by scraping our boots along the western white pine needles.
Pretty cool!  We also found a use for the piles of pine needles we created.
D is showing us his creation.  See how he has framed his pine needle pile with sticks?  "This is my favorite stick.  It's smooth."
We made a sculpture from a stump.  It was so soft, we were able to poke branches into it!
Our shadows were great fun to play with!  It may have been cold in the forest, but the sun shining through the trees was a great learning experience.
Arms up and out, everybody!
See you next week!

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