Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Froglets, Week 8. Communication

Our Froggies had a great responsibility today, hiding our Froggy Holler Letterbox.  A letterbox is a type of communication system, similar to a Geocache.  However, we don't use GPS to locate it and there are no prizes or toy exchanges involved.  It is simply a plastic tub located in the base of a hollow tree.  Inside is a note from Froggy Holler, a stamp and stampad, pen and notebook.  We would love to have families and friends find our letterbox and say hello.  The classes will be checking on it periodically.  
Initially, our Froggies thought this might be a good place to hide our letterbox.  Oh no!  It was too small of a space!  Off to hunt for a larger hollow!
We found this hollow tree to hide it in.  These Froggies are so tricky!
Placing bark in front of the opening to disguise it. Great idea!
Tuesday Froglets had the great responsibility of creating a map for our other classes.  Phew!  We also went for a little walk, but came back to check on the letterbox and left notes for Wednesday's class.  :)  We all practiced writing our names and said hello.  We were so excited!
Oh look!  A sign of spring!  The  violets are in bloom!
See you next week, K

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