Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday Tadpoles, Week 7. Art in the Woods!

Our Tadpoles are always ready to play in the sunshine!  We experimented with shadows and enjoyed seeing the shapes we made with our arms flapping!
Don't let this sunshine trick you, it went away as soon as we were in the trees!  
Oh look!  I see Penguin's shadow!  
A made an umbrella out of a douglas fir branch
Inspired by the work of nature artist Andy Goldsworthy, the tadpoles successfully create a tee-pee! 
A quick pose with Teacher Kathleen!  
We were very proud of our work....then it fell down!  It was such fun, we made a few more!
Spider eggs were spotted on this stick, we can't wait for them to hatch!  
See you next week!
Teacher Kathleen

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