Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Froglets, Week 3. How do animals stay warm in the winter?

Tuesday Froglets conducted an experiment to learn about animals staying warm.  We know that animals have "fur coats" or feathers to stay warm.  We also know that they can go in a shelter to stay warm and dry.  We talked about body fat and how many animals eat and eat before winter to fatten up.  This body fat acts as a blanket to insulate them.  
We tried it our with ice water and vegetable shortening.
Here we are our "vegetable shortening of science" and our surprise visit from a still pregnant Teacher Erin.

Our fingers were cold in the ice water, but not after we smeared them with vegetable shortening.  Hmmmm...
We decided to look throughout the woods for bears, foxes, wolves and any other creatures that might be hanging out in the forest.  
But all we found was evidence of Patriots...
M finds the funnest way to go down a hill
A finds the tiniest baby slug
See you next week!!

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