Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Animals in Winter

Hello there!  We were all so busy during Froggy Holler this week, romping in the woods, checking out animal activity and wondering where all the bugs went.

Our Tuesday Froglets had a great time with their new flashlights, shining them in every hollow, nook and cranny in the forest!  We climbed on some recently sawed logs, explored Owl Valley and slid down hills on our backsides!

Our Wednesday Froglets tried hard to listen to the quiet of the forest, but couldn't hear anything except very noisy crows!  There must've been an owl nearby to cause such a disturbance, but we couldn't find one.  Good job hiding, owl friends!  We found an amazing fort by sliding rock and climbed all over a fallen tree.

Our Thursday Tadpoles had a lucky surprise, Teacher Erin came to walk with us!  We found mushrooms, moss and mysterious holes in the logs.  

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