Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome to Froggy Holler! Frog Week!

Welcome! And welcome back!! This week we met for our first fall session of 2014 and I am so excited about all the neat people I have the privilege to get to know.  We spent some time getting comfortable with each other and with the woods, exploring, touching, and creating. Frog week was a great start! Let's hop on in to fall!

Tuesday Froglets enjoyed a beautiful summery fall day and found many spiders, a slug, the kitchen, and even a tree with a face. We colored our climbing frogs and tested them out in the woods. 

Wednesday Froglets made use of a natural slide and returned very dusty indeed. White pants were no more and new class shirts were broken in adequately. 

Thursday Tadpoles (or polliwogs!) were the GO GO GO team this week! We covered so much ground!! From spiderman trail to the creek, then to muddy trail, owl valley and even fairy valley. This group must have been tired by the end. 

(Photo courtesy of a parent!)

Time in owl valley was spent having snack and making our climbing frogs! A magical tree stump had many different species to study and the creek even had some water to splash in!

This week is coming fast and Bug Day is upon us! Be ready to turn over some logs and see what crawlies we can find!! See you at Hamlin!

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