Sunday, September 28, 2014


This week we had Bug Day!! We searched high and mostly low for bugs of all kinds. Mostly insects although we did spy some arachnids! Those spiders made some beautiful webs for us to gaze upon. Under logs we found beetles, potato bugs, worms, millipedes, centipedes, and larvae of indeterminate kind :).

Tuesday Froglets did not get much mud this week. Many of the logs were not too wet and insects still found many dry places to hide from us. We did visit Fairy Valley and work on some housing projects though.

Wednesday Froglets found many puddles to splash in. Muddy Trail is beginning to be waterlogged but will need a few more good rains to be in peak mud condition. No matter, we found ways to get our hands dirty! 


Thursday Tadpoles not only found some mud they also enjoyed some launch platforms to practice some jumping, sliding rock to get some slipping and sliding on, and a log everyone could sit upon. Many many insects were found under logs on this day!!

We will continue to search under logs for insects and crawlies all season! There is so much to see!

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