Monday, July 14, 2014

Pirate Day!

The last session of the year, Pirate Day at Richmond Beach! The final class has had their day and we can finally see what each class accomplished this day! Many of us were ready in our pirate garb. A few brave souls came as pirate princesses. All together we were unstoppable!! And those pirates whose treasure we found are sure to be sobbing in their grog right now! Well done all pirates it took problem solving and team work to locate the treasure and I'm so proud of all of you!!

Tuesday Froglets came prepared and we enjoyed beautiful weather and a beach nearly to ourselves. We did have to be cautious of all the arriving landlubbers as the morning wore on. Luckily we kept the treasure and each other quite safe.

Tuesday Frogs had to be extra diligent. There were landlubbers all over the beach! Eventually they dispersed and we were pleased to see that they cleaned up after themselves! Our treasure was a tough dig in rocky sand and took all of us working together to unearth it.  Most of the Frogs are now going on to first grade. We will miss you but can't wait to see what you do in the world!!

Wednesday Froglets really did have the beach to themselves! We chased and were chased by waves. Someone was sure they saw a sea monster and we always kept a sharp eye for pirates coming ashore. There were sand angels, forts, and loads of sharing.

Thursday Tadpoles found the X in record time! We spent time playing in the sand and lazing in the sun. 

Thursday Frogs had to wait a little while for their make up day, but what a day it was!! The low tide had beach naturalists from the aquarium out and our map came from a bottle fished from the sea!! Some of the clues were quite challenging but hard work and working together paid off!

Later there was time for seaweed tag and "falling" in the water until we were soaked. Most of these guys are off to first grade as well. We will miss you and look forward to meeting again!

To all the first graders, you are all amazing people and I know you will be great. Stay confidant and true to yourself and always help your team. I'm proud of all of you.

To all the other froglets and tadpoles, you are all wonderful young people and have made my first year as lead at Froggy Holler memorable and an absolute joy. 

Thank you so much for coming to the woods with me. I hope to see you all soon!!

Teacher Erin

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