Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nature's Rainbow

This week we met a challenge. Find all the colors in the rainbow, in the forest! That means red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, (white, black, and brown too). I think each class managed to do it. Purple and orange tended to be elusive, lucky for us the honey suckle was blooming! 

Tuesday Froglets played with vigor (as always!) and found all but one color!! Some colors we found many different shades. Other colors only one observant spotter saved us and allowed us to write it down.

Tuesday Frogs had a more sedate day. We sat on the bridge and thought about life. We helped each other out of tough scrapes and up steep hills. There was even some work done in Fairy Valley. Along the way each color was located with scientific precision. Thanks D!

Wednesday Froglets worked together to build an elevator, (I didn't fully understand the engineering behind it but O was adamant about her calculations). D really helped us rid some trees of ivy that was taking over and  C was very protective of a certain rock.

Thursday Tadpoles CLIMBED!! So many tree stumps to clamber upon!! We also found time to make a fire ring and roast all kinds of imaginary food. From good 'ole s'mores, to pear, apple, banana, and a few others. Some I shall have to try next time I go camping!

Thursday Frogs practiced a "run and leap" maneuver at sliding rock. It looked like a parkour kind of fanciness! Each time was more fluid and sometimes they were able to really stick the landing! A beautiful beetle was found and checked off a few colors from the list. It had met with an unfortunate end by the time we found it.

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