Friday, April 11, 2014

Signs of Spring!!

Welcome and welcome back Froggy Holler Families!! We had a lovely week in the woods looking for signs of spring! I have quite the list to to share. 

Tuesday Froglets trekked the furthest this week at just over 1.7 miles! Wow! Well done! We visited many favorite locations and found signs everywhere. From Wood Violets, to new buds on trees, to a butterfly fluttering by!

Tuesday Frogs blazed a new trail, (like always) and solved a mystery! We found a brand new carpet of moss laid in the dragon's nest earlier that morning and the Frogs found where that carpet was taken from! Super sleuths in the making here at Froggy Holler!

Wednesday Froglets enjoyed some team building, hiding in the ferns, lots of giggling, and even discovered fiddleheads! New ferns poking out ready to unfurl and greet the world! A woodpecker came by for the story and there were even a few power beads found.

Thursday Tadpoles explored fungus, beetle holes, and a chattering squirrel. We saw witches butter fungus, shelf fungus, and lots of worms! We even built a fire ring a pretended to roast goodies.

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