Monday, November 4, 2013

Batty For Bats!

This week we focused on our insect and fruit eating friends, the bats! We dressed up with bat wings and flew around Hamlin Park with gusto! Some of us even did some trick flights off logs.

Tuesday Froglets got started on a new fort. They were ever in motion and my poor camera could not keep up! So many blurry photos today! 

Tuesday Frogs visited spear hill where we explored the hillside covered in ivy, saved rolling backpacks from the hill of doom, and skillfully evaded capture by the Fun Run! Whew!

Wednesday Froglets embraced the bat wings to their fullest potential. Especially when it came to showing off the wings in flight! 

Thursday Tadpoles came dressed to impress on Halloween! We had a fox, a princess, and even a bat!! 

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