Friday, October 25, 2013

Owl Week!

While owl week did not yield any owl sighting we were able to hone our skills and pretend to be owls. Masks were the project of the week and true to form I managed to only get two photos of froggies as owls. Ah well. 

Tuesday Froglets explored boundaries and abilities, jumping and balancing on logs and monkeying around. We found hundreds of mushrooms and enjoyed the fine froggy weather!

Tuesday Frogs were on a mission all afternoon and were focused and determined. We hiked 2.4 miles!! (according to my hiking app) and even got to dissect an owl pellet!! It was determined to be a small rodent of some kind.

Wednesday Froglets dove in with gusto and won the distance award this week with a whopping 2.9 miles!! Granted a lot of that was spent chasing each other around Owl Valley. I don't know about anyone else, but I slept like a log that night!

Thursday Tadpoles explored Spiderman Trail and we found SO MANY spider webs!! They were all highlighted by the fog and simply gorgeous!! 

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