Thursday, November 7, 2013

Leaf Me in the Woods!

It was Leaf week at Froggy Holler!! We were at Boeing Creek this week learning all things leafy.  They may also have been some wading at some point also perhaps leaf crowns/camouflage hats. 

Tuesday Froglets came prepared to explore. We even had one froggy end up sitting in the creek. It was ok, he didn't seem to mind. There was some burrowing in the hollow at the base of a tree as well as a lot of log balancing!

Tuesday Frogs made the arduous journey all the way to Hidden Lake! There was peril and terror, and not a little bit of courage. We made it all the way only to realize the books never made it in to my bag. No matter Teacher Kathleen saved the day with her nook and E read to us again.

Wednesday Froglets leapt in to leaf crowns with gusto and trekked to the waterfall and back. Sand was everywhere from the beach by the creek! L even made a fish out of leaves! 

Thursday Tadpoles had to reschedule due to the wind and storm. We will make this up soon! 

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