Thursday, October 17, 2013


Tree week began with sunny mornings and lots of log play! Maybe the sun will continue to grace us with it's presence for the rest of the year???? ;) 

Tuesday Froglets spent a lot of time with this log. Unfortunately the "train" broke down and we were forced to hike back to civilization. 

Tuesday Frogs found a balancing/leaping log and spent some time perfecting their flight to the ground. We found witches butter (fungus) and loads of mushrooms. 

Wednesday Froglets got to do some bark rubbings and found a stump covered with tiny tiny mushrooms!! We thought they must have been planted by fairies.

Thursday Tadpoles made sure to explore all facets of trees. We even got inside a log! We found the fairy stump covered in mushrooms as well and these guys gave some great photo ops!