Friday, April 12, 2013

Signs of Spring ~ Spring Opening!

We started a whole new season of FH this week with lots of new students! It was certainly fun to get to know a whole new set of kiddos and see everyone after our break. We focused on looking for signs of spring this week and found all sorts of them! 
Tuesday Froglets:
Here is what teasing a bunch of preschoolers looks like (upper left ;)), finding Oregon grape blooming, a larvae in hand, and witches butter:
 There were rides at FH today too, the giant dirt slide, the king of the hill roller coaster, the hole in the tree, and magnifier station:
 Tuesday Frogs:
 We were ready to learn in the woods today! 
Here are pics of how not to run off in the woods (Mr. P was hilarious demonstrating this!), finding power beads again (white = power of mind), tiny yellow flowers, and Oregon grape:
 Here we are feeling new huckleberries, sliding on sliding rock, checking out witches butter, investigating the very fed roots of a Western Red Cedar, building fairy houses, and running down the trail:
Today most of all many of the kiddos were into "camouflage" play, it was pretty cute and I couldn't seem to find them anywhere over and over!
Wednesday Froglets:
We had fun in the circle fort, making a fence outside of it, playing house, and finding dino bones all around it!
Here we are finding long sticks to carry, studying "witches butter slime mold", and feeling a new huckleberry:
 And watching an active pileated woodpecker, pointing out blooming Oregon grape, running into dinosaur valley (those dinos were busy this week making huge footprints in the mud!), and
stomping in puddles:
 Thursday Tadpoles: 
Here is the close inspection of a new backen fern, a good look at the shelf fungus,fort playtime, and a  ride on a big "horse":
Oh and some fun times in the puddles at the end of class!
 It was wonderful to start of the spring with you all, looking forward to the coming weeks and our adventures together!

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