Friday, April 26, 2013

Earth Heroes Spring Break Camp!

Oh my goodness what a delightful, sun filled, super hero fun, and exciting week we had! Since Shoreline schools were on a Spring break we took the time to create a spring break mini camp for kiddos. It was SO MUCH FUN! The weather was absolutely ideal, the kids were so creative and into the theme, and we had a hard time leaving the woods each day we were having so much fun! 
Here's a little of what our week was like!
 The kids made nature power wristbands (duct tape! ;), did some earth hero under log investigations, balancing skill building, ship driving, racing around with their earth hero capes, the earth hero cheer,
 We gave everyone their own face painting, here are some of them:
 We posed like super heroes:
 We found earth friends, slid, explored new areas, and raced back to the playground, all in the first day!
 We made Earth signs with nature elements, blew dandelion puffs,laughed together,
crafted some tree treats, made our own min campfires, lounged after snack, and played so hard!
We had fun in the circle fort, were helpful to our friends on the steep trails, got really into our super hero missions together, named a new trail on the west side of the park the "Lorax Trail", sat in the sun on mossy logs,
and kept noticing those signs of spring all around, found giant dinosaur claws in dino valley, and had fun (and got very quiet) watching a pair of pileated woodpeckers.
Then we had our snack/story in the boat fort and each kiddo got some green and blue playdough I made so they could make their own earth. They've got the whole earth in their hands!
We got special earth heroes treasure bags for our nature hunt, which led us finally to our fairy treasure in fairy valley! We also had fun exploring all the way to the north of Owl Valley, had story time (as we did each day), and played with our new little animal treasures:
With so much time to explore the woods together, little critters to find everyday, logs to climb, flowers to pick, an adventure to be had at every turn, it was a really great week to be an Earth Hero!
Hooray for a successful first Earth Heroes Camp!

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