Thursday, March 28, 2013

Worms, Slugs, and Snails Oh My! Winter Closing

We ended our winter session with fun learning about worms, slugs, and snails and celebrating the winter together with hot cocoa!
Tuesday Froglets:
We went on a bunny hunt and found 2 cuties across the road from the park. We decided we better keep an eye out for easter eggs...
In the woods we really went to town searching under logs, finding witches butter, sliding down hills etc. We had a fun celebratory day!
Tuesday Frogs:
We found a fort that really needed our attention today and worked hard to make it better,
Then we had our party in the woods during story and snack time:
Then it was time for a jumping party!
Wednesday Froglets:
It was Seriously WINDY! for us so we gazed up at the dizzying trees during snack and marveled at how fast the clouds were going by:
Of course we also used regular doses of froggy strength, keen observation skills, and kid powered creativity to power our day!
Thursday Tadpoles:
The tadpoles did an excellent job of using their little magnifiers to investigate under logs:
 We also were amazed by this downed tree which must of fallen overnight from all the wind!
 All of the classes were full of hardy Winter FH kiddos who did a great job learning outside and I'm happy they were able to join us adventuring together during the colder, rainier part of the year!

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