Friday, March 15, 2013

Shoreview Park!

We had our "field trip" at Shoreview Park this week! For some families this was a new venue, hooray for learning about new parks!
Tuesday Froglets:
We flew around the park like birds, put on a show, hung out "backstage" in the "green room" aka a cedar tree, and had a fun hike down to the lake,
then had a great time seeing the buffleheads and mallards, making troughs between the puddles, making an adorable home for baby beavers (upper left) out of alder catkins, and even rescuing a flyaway hat!
Tuesday Frogs:
 We took a longer route down to the lake through the woods, had fun making flower chains on our way, and climbing madronas,
The kids had a great time continuing those troughs and connecting the large puddles in the entirely different beach area that the lake now has,
Oh and there was some terrific running over the shallow water, just like a basilisk lizard!
Wednesday Froglets
We had some very silly playground time in the wet weather, and had a really fun time by the lake, then hunkered down under a cedar for story and snack time,
We noticed all sorts of new spring growth starting to emerge, like the horsetails by the creeks, and had some silly time on the stage, ran through puddles, and showed our strength even (that's Erin's heavy pack!):
Thursday Tadpoles:
After a good time on the playground we trooped down to the lake,
Playing in the water, feeling and learning about all the different new plants and birds down there, and  enjoying the space together we had fun!
 When we are somewhere new our time always flies by especially fast! We will look forward to visiting this park again in the Spring!

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