Friday, September 21, 2012

Under a Log Week

This week we talked about insects and other under a log sorts of findings. This time of year we were finding all sorts of arachnids, crustaceans, mollusks and more! We also met another Teacher Erin, used magnifying glasses, started our nature journals (or made puppets in the tots class), named "Spiderman trail" and of course had lots of fun playing, music making, and learning outside together! 
Tuesday Pre Froglets:
(not pictured, an insect dance party at the end of class! ;))
Tuesday K Frogs:
 Yes, if you look closely we did find a dead mouse, and Teacher Erin (Red) was the only one who touched it as we buried it together. There was lots of discussion on life cycles today! Also above, dead beetle exoskeletons. 
We also generated some unanswered questions, why were there so many insects wings in this spot on a douglas fir, and why so much condensation on the outside of this shelf fungus:
 Wednesday Pre Pollywogs:
We celebrated a special birthday this week! We are happy to celebrate your child's bday at FH!
Thursday Tadpoles:
I hope your children are searching for insects at home, and at other parks more than ever, I know I am! Our family just got a special bug case and preserving equipment so I hope to share that with you all soon!

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