Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Season of Winter, Tues Pre

While there was still snow on the fields and in big piles at Hamlin today we talked about the season of winter. To begin with though there was also LOTS of play in what I thin I'll now call, "Froggy Creek": the stomped through the water since they were all in their rain/snow gear, they "fished" from the little bridge, 
then they cooked up their salmon on the fire pit, 
and "Mom" helped them with their meal preparations:
Then we had an actual picnic tea party, while they dictated a pretty goofy winter story:
Then we played in the water and mud a bit more,
then hit the trail again to make it to Big Fort before class was over:
Today Big Fort was a jail! I became the bad guy who trapped the police officers in jail (well that was at least the gist of one of their stories...).
Fortunately, they made their big escape and I had to chase them back down the hill to their parents! What fun we have imagining in the woods together! 

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