Thursday, January 26, 2012

Froggy Winter Fun for K

The K kiddos jumped right into action this winter with some snow play! With very little snow left at home, they were happy to play in the icy piles here in Hamlin.
It doesn't take much snow for these kiddos to be in a whole different world. They could slide, crunch, throw, smush in water, and generally enjoy every last little bit of it. After our snow fun we went on into the woods noting a number of downed trees and grabbing some branches to add to Big Fort. 
There was a lot of action in the woods today as the FH team was apparently under an attack of some kind, and they had to defend us. 
We also had to huddle down in the fort, have some tea and snacks, and read lots of froggy stories while under our protective force field, you know to stay safe and all. Oh and write a goofy story together, that was a silly interlude from the battle. Then they were off to another post before it was time to leave FH base:
Thursday brought lots more dramatic play with the K froglets, there were repeatedly injured members of our squad down:
Would you look at that spooky dramatic shot (bottom right)! I also love that they had a hard time keeping from smiling as they lay "injured" or "dead".
Teacher Erin was required to use "Hey, hey are you ok?" first aid/CPR training lines repeatedly on these "victims". I need to add bandage strips to my gear pack now.
It was serious stuff in these woods I tell you:
Of course there was also some fort building, 
snack and story time, and general goofiness that always comes with the fun this group has together! It's going to be a frogtastic winter with this creative group!

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