Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Animals in Winter/Baby Dinosaurs in the Woods

Today was one of those lovely days outside, grey and wet, we haven't actually had very many like that this session yet, but you'd have never guessed it was anything but sunny in the world of 4 little Froggy Holler students. While today's topic was "Animals in Winter" and "Hibernation" in particular, we spent just as much time in "The Dinosaur Age!" I read my books, shared poems and such, and the kids really clued into the seasons of the year that are associated with hibernation as learned from our seasons talk a few weeks back. But as we climbed, "a mountain" on our way to the big fort Q came across a rock which he identified as an oviraptor egg, which he promptly sat on. 
He then suggested we were in charge of protecting it and brought it along to the fort. There it was sat on again, and then left aside as we played, snacked, and went back to reading books on animals in winter. 
Then there was some super Ivy instructional lessons on flying,
followed by some keeping hands warm techniques while walking. 
Then we were off on more adventures in the dinosaur age on our way to sliding rock. There we found a wet rock and rain pants make the rock even more fun, 
Q then led the group in a new dino game of making a nest for a baby triceratops. The whole group really worked at this together gathering fir branches and some remains of maple leaves (we noted how they are really falling apart and all brown now). 
As we all hunkered down in the finished nest A stood guard for us (he was a roaring tiger, then a T rex). While he was out there he noticed the "smoke" from his breath, so we got to talk all about evaporation!
And before you know it it was time to head back to the shelter. It wasn't your average journey back though, more of an adventure itself as we were all in a herd of triceratops with our horns pointed down to aim at the mean dinosaurs. Miss. I. held tight to our tiny baby dinosaur the whole way! Back at the shelter we were in the present again and worked on our journals, and animals tracks page. 
What an exciting day!

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