Sunday, November 7, 2010

Forest Animals Week ~ Thursday

Ahhh, we really caught the best of our November sun this week! The kids enjoyed playing on the "Dew beads" art before moving on into the woods. 
 We started off our forest animals class with 2 stories at the shelter, one about a squirrel and the other about a mole. So when we spotted a mole hole on the trail we stopped to chat about it and inspect it closer.
These froglets have pretty impressive attention spans. At snack today I read The Story of Jumping Mouse, which is an incredible story (check it out from the library!) and the kids enjoyed it, but it's a long one and I was really impressed at their listening patience.
As always, there was lots of up and down traveling on our walk through the woods today.
 These guys also like to draw with sticks on and off the trail,
 writing their names and letters and shapes of all sorts.
 We talked a lot about gray squirrels today listening to their chatter and watching these busy creatures in action. Of course it is never hard to see many of them in our woods.At the end of our walk today we collected maple seeds (aka "helicopters") and I showed the students how the squirrels open them up and get out the seed.

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