Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hibernation week was no snooze! We built a den, took boat fort out for a spin, and lent a hand at sliding rock. This was a full week about the things that rest in the winter. Not only bears! Snakes, dormice, bats, bumblebees, snails, turtles, and FROGS!

Tuesday Froglets built their own den
Climbed a tree blown over by the wind 
Balanced on a log high in the air 
Went to town with the parachute
More fun to spare

Tuesday Frogs, five in all
Ran about with purpose and drive
Finally found a place to sprawl
Read a book and felt alive.

Wednesday Froglets love excitement
Bugs, birds, hand warmers and trails 
Rev 'em up and let 'em go
Sliding rock never fails

Thursday Tadpoles 
Sliding rock and logs
Boat fort and Fairy Valley
Leave a toy for them

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