Saturday, January 25, 2014

Decomposition Week!

 Decomposition week here at Froggy Holler means we made compost stew! Later this winter we will dig up what we buried and see how (or if) it changed! Banana peels, apple cores, goldfish crackers sacrificed, even a granola bar wrapper (for science sake) was buried. Let the decomposition begin!

Tuesday Froglets took wonderful turns with the shovel. Our hole was VERY deep and we were able to mark it properly (we hope!) and will look at it in the weeks to come. 

Tuesday Frogs found a very large hole all ready to explore. Covered with ivy it was perfect for a secret hideout. Oops!! Wasn't supposed to tell about it. :( Ah well we hid it well ;)

Wednesday Froglets were a tangled bundle of raw energy! I can't believe how much ground we covered! It was a challenge to take turns but a great exercise in patience. For all of us! We continue to show wonderful teamwork and always lend a helping hand to our fellow climbers. 

Thursday Tadpoles were F.O.C.U.S.E.D! We went to a few of our favorite forts and found one to have been recently remodeled! With a mossy carpet and roof. The second was a fixer upper and we were up to the task! Finally a snack break and story before heading out of the woods. 

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