Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trees of the Woods

Considering we have had a serious lack of rain this fall (80 days!), "Fun with Fungi" wasn't really possible! So, doing tree week and telling all my "tree tales" seemed like a great idea. We focused on Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Madrone, Big Leaf Maple, and a few others. We did bark rubbings, sang the Trees of Hamlin Park song, heard tree stories, and also enjoyed time in fairy valley building with tree parts, aka branches!
Tuesday Preschool Froglets:
This week this class did an excellent job working together, had fun in fairy valley constructing, and had a BLAST finding "sliding hill" and whipping up clouds of dust!
It was bath time after class for those kiddos! 
Tuesday K Frogs:
As a special activity this week the K kids threw "spears" down spear hill. They were excellent at following directions and got lots of turns, I didn't catch each of them in action, but here are many:
Wednesday Preschool Froglets:
This week the kids were really into posing for me! Here are the kiddos hiding (not so sneakily and popping out to scare me!) and up on the log being princesses and such:
They really enjoyed their fairy house building and made some impressive structures, and worked so well together:
And there was some amazing running! I didn't catch them all, but here are a few:
Thursday Tadpoles:
This group made funny tree puppets with their bark rubbings instead of in journals, had fun also with the fairy houses, and while we listened to music we played our stick "instruments":
Thanks for a treerific week everyone!

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