Friday, October 5, 2012

Bird Week!

It was such a fun week at Froggy Holler! Teacher Erin (red! ;)) rented bird kits from the Seattle Audubon. These kits were full of such wonderful materials, and the kids loved them! Best of all were the real bird skins (aka dead stuffed birds), talons, skulls, and more! Here is some of the action from this week!

Tuesday Preschool Froglets:

 The highlight for the Tuesday class was happening to see the barred ow high up in a tree right above us. Then, a cooper's hawk (we believe) came over right next to the owl! Wow, what luck!
Tuesday K Frogs:
The K students were given the chance to study the bird skins up close, and also enjoyed making "nests" for their bird puppets.
Wednesday Preschool Froglets:

Our Wednesday class also enjoyed the skins, the binoculars, making nests, and lots of bird play.
Thursday Tadpoles:
Does it get any cuter than a 2 year old hooting or looking through their binos?
Look I even took a few pictures at Emonds Heights this week!
The students really enjoyed their close up studies there. 
I'm really looking forward to renting more of these kits later this winter and spring, so get ready for more bird fun later this year!

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