Thursday, November 17, 2011

Harvest Season, K

This last week of Fall FH K the kids were excited to help the Earth Corps group restore a 1/4 acre site of undergrowth in Hamlin. On Tuesday we each helped to plant a few, and again on Thursday with even more understanding and energy for the job.
 The kids named some of their plants, learned a bit more about them, and liked working with the young adult Earth Corps team.
 Each day we planted, took a break to explore, play and snack in the woods,
 and then headed back to the site to help some more.
The little man most inspired and excited about this project was without a doubt Q though. He befriended Earth Corps member Jess,
 and she led him through the planting of what must have been at least 20 plants over the 2 days (well actually 3 days since our family had come over the weekend also).
 I wouldn't be surprised if this leads to serious interest in being an Earth Corps volunteer himself one day, and likely some of his classmates as well. We all learned a lot from this chance to help, and can feel proud as we walk by this area for years to come that we helped replant it! And we know we will certainly be interested in helping Earth Corps with other local projects in the future.

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